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We are an experienced and talented group of entrepreneurs and engineers with a series of ground-breaking ideas that we are certain will contribute towards a better tomorrow. Our creative mix of science, technology and social understanding allows us to generate working and reliable answers to real-world problems. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled and dedicated service while making sure that our products are of top quality standard.
At TechBrain Group, we believe that the right understanding and technological edge can lead companies towards a successful future. Contact us today for more information
At TechBrain Group, our comprehensive technological solutions help companies and individuals achieve greater success and comfort. Our platform has a wide range of features and products that were created with the aim to help you live in a better, more advanced world. In order to empower our users to improve their goals, TechBrain Group is continually building on its technology, so stay in touch to learn about upgrades, new opportunities and other exciting changes.
STAN or Sensor Triggered Audio Navigation is a product aimed to aid in the day-to-day lives of the visually impaired. Our engineers have developed a device which enables the user to hear where they are within their surroundings. The audio is triggered by the user's cane coming within range of the  sensor which triggers an audio recording that is played through an earpiece or Bluetooth device.
The Hex-E-Gen is a groundbreaking solar powered generator that has the capability to have an output level of 3.6 amps on a cloudy day and 5.4 amps on a bright one. The Hex-E-Gen has a multitude of uses including the restoration of disaster hot spots and providing power to 3rd world countries. Hex-e-gen has the capability to make a real difference to peoples lives.
Engineers over in Enviro-tech are eager to establish a cleaner planet for our future and the team are currently busy working on the air quality sensors. The statistical recordings on our cloud-based platform are used to facilitate strategic decisions by our clients and partners.
WoW or Waves over Water is TechBrain Group's network service of offering Wi-Fi to waterways all over the nation. Our service is backed up by our high quality support centre providing both technical support to users and the monitoring of network equipment.
Providing Wi-Fi for events, festivals and community projects, Event-tech delivers high tech solutions to a space where internet based technology is normally restricted.  Event-tech also offer CCTV, VOIP and Chip+Pin payments solutions.

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We have experianced engineers focused on helping you get Wi-Fi wherever you need it, inside or outside. TechBrain uses only the best quality equipment including Cisco, HP and many more top brands of wireless technology
In almost all businesses CCTV is an absolute necessity to safe-guard the private, personal and sensitive information of your company and its employees. We use High Definition covert cameras to safeguard the security of assets
VOIP Telephony
Here at TechBrain we use the latest cost effective telephony solutions to help you save money while also achieving the connectivity you need. We allow you to make calls over the internet to anyone, anywhere in the world.
SMART Services
Take a look at some of the SMART services we provide: